Open Season

With All-Star Weekend behind us, the NBA has resumed back to their normal schedule as they approach the championships. With this upcoming time, players are being watched to see what will happen during the upcoming free agency and open contracts. Players like Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Pau Gasol, Dwayne Wade, and others. Among those, Anderson Varejao (Cleveland Cavaliers) already confirmed a team he will be moving to. The team he is leaving Cleveland for is former champions, Golden State Warriors. Golden State picked up this big man due to the lack of size they have on their roster this season due to injuries. Although people are focused mainly on the upcoming free agency, the games are still going on.

On Sunday, Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans) dropped 59 points and 20 rebounds in his game against the Detroit Pistons. Anthony Davis was projected to be this years MVP, but now isn’t even in the talks for it. Davis coming from an excellent season last year, has slowly declined in performance this season. Some say it’s due to the lack of depth on the team and some say it is due to the lack of leadership Davis has with the team. On Saturday, the Warriors and the Clippers went head to head after the Warriors lost their 5th game of the season the night before. Nearing the end of the 4th quarter the Warriors took their starters out after having a double digit lead. The Clippers automatically seized their opportunity and brought the game down to 3 points. This prompted the Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, to bring back in the starters to avoid losing their first consecutive losses of the season. The Warriors won the game in the 4th quarter by 3 after the Clippers player, C.J. Wilcox missed the game tying 3 point shot.

New Orleans Pelicans v Detroit Pistons
Anthony Davis #23 achieving franchise history for most points in a game

All-Star Extravaganza

Ahoy my friends, this past weekend was the time for the notorious NBA All Star weekend. With events like the dunk contest, celebrity game, all star game, and the skills challenge. This year was a special year for the all star weekend because it marked the 18th time that Kobe Bryant will be participating in the all star game. This was the veterans last chance to play at the all star game since he will be retiring after this season. The first event to take place was the skill challenge. The skill challenge consists of an obstacle to test dribbling, passing, and shooting skills. The winner for this even was Karl-Anthony Towns from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The next event was the fan favorite, dunk contest. The winner of the dunk contest was Zach LaVine from the Minnesota Timberwolves. This win was his 2nd win he has achieved, the 1st one being from winning last years dunk contest. The final dunk to win the contest was LaVine doing a free throw line dunk.

Zach LaVine’s Free Throw Dunk

After that event, it came time for the Celebrity game between USA and Canada. The game was the most entertaining as a show. The winners from the game was the Canada team led by Drake. Then the event that everyone was anticipating came, the All Star game between the West and the East. Players that stood out to me were the main superstars. For example players like Paul George, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry,  Anthony Davis, James Harden stood out over the rest. The game ended with the West winning 196-173 making Russell Westbrook the MVP for the All Star Game.

Russel Westbrook, MVP All Stars 2016



Like the great Pele once said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work,  perseverance, learning, studying, sacrificing, and most of all, love what you are doing or learning to do.” With Superbowl 50 on the rise, the Panthers and Broncos prepare to face off. With the Panthers Quarterback and recently named MVP, Cam Newton, has become a dynamic force with 50 total touchdowns including the postseason. On the other side, the Broncos carry a strong defense and Manning is still an offensive threat even if his arm is not as strong as it used to be or as strong as the younger quarterbacks is, but he has a stronger mind for the game and more experience. He has perseverance, no matter his setbacks,  Manning has fought to continue to prove that he is one of the top tier quarterbacks in the league still.

Beyond the Superbowl and football, the NBA is closing in on their All Star game (2/14). With players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, DeMarcus Cousins, Lebron James, Paul George, and Dwayne Wade makes this All Star game more interesting. The big question is how will Kobe do on his last All Star game? Recently Kobe has been slowly returning to the player he was when he was younger, the Black Mamba. Kobe has definitely been putting in everything he has this season, so he could leave it on a high note. As the regular season goes the leading team is, Golden State Warriors (46-4). The Warriors have seemed to blow past any team that has come their way this season, but recently they had a challenge against Oklahoma City Thunder. With superstars Westbrook and Durant to go head to head with the young, powerhouse of a team known as the Warriors, they came out of the game with a loss (116-108).

Pele doing bicycle kick

Pro Bowl Praise

Hello again, well the NFL has come to my backyard, Honolulu, for the annual Pro Game. In Queen’s Beach in Waikiki there was a two day event to celebrate the upcoming football game. At this event many NFL players like Marcus Mariota were spotted, Cheerleaders for the game, Mascots, youth football activities were held, and beach volleyball including daily entertainment. The Pro Bowl is free to the public and is on Sunday, January 31st, 2:00 P.M. in Hawaiian time.

The game has two captains for each team. Team Rice is the first team. Team Irvin is the second. Team Rice is the popular pick for winning the game tomorrow and in my opinion I agree with that prediction. With players like Clay Matthews, Odell Beckham Jr., Eli Manning, and Adrian Peterson. Who do you guys think will win? I plan on attending this game as it is free and not many people have the same opportunity that I have, so I will be able to give a good blog entry on what it was like to be inside of the stadium and be able to watch talented players play one of the greatest sports on this planet.

With Honolulu native, Marcus Mariota, coming back to his home for the Pro Game is a blessing to our city after being made starting quarterback on the Tennessee Titans. While they’re is criticism about the Pro Bowl being in Hawaii from locals, a good amount of people do enjoy having it here.

Richard Sherman signing autographs


Hello World!

Ever since I witnessed my first dunk by Michael Jordan, my first touchdown by Brett Favre, and my first home run by Derek Jeter, I instantly fell in love with sports. I have played baseball, football, basketball, and soccer and enjoy watching these sports. My blog will mainly be focused on the games for these sports and the players. I’m currently a full time student at University of Hawaii at Manoa attending to graduate as a Bachelors in Chemistry. I was born in raised in Long Beach, California and lived out there until I graduated. I enjoy sports, music, skateboarding, and going on hikes. I’m a first year college student on my second semester currently. I have always dreamed of living in Hawaii ever since I was young because I really enjoyed surfing in the morning with local surfers on early Saturday mornings.