The dinosaur has gone extinct

Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat has officially been ruled out for the remainder of the playoff season, a conference was held where a statement was released Wednesday about the injury. There has been no reason on why Bosh is out, and on the Heat’s injury report, the reason for Bosh’s injury is not declared. Although Bosh is out, The Heat still won against the Toronto Raptors in Game 1 in an overtime match. The week before the Heat faced possible elimination against the Charlotte Hornets in Game 7. Kemba Walker and the rest of the Hornets showed great desire to win. Luckily the team got the winning push from Dwayne Wade for the 97-90 win. As a result, the Heat extended their franchise record to 18 consecutive playoff series in which they’ve won at least one game on the road. They’re gradually turning their weakness into a new found strength.

The Warriors rolled past the Portland Trail Blazers in a 118-106 win in the conference semifinals. The Trail Blazers seem to be small compared to the Warriors skill set. Although the Trail Blazers were successful last week in closing out the Los Angeles Clippers team in the first round, the Warriors, with or without Stephen Curry, present a large amount of problems. While size is an advantage for the Warriors, the overall play making might be a better advantage. Meanwhile, Thompson has four inches on McCollum and the play style of the Warriors complement Thompson accordingly.

Almost two years ago, the Thunder’s athleticism and length seemed like Spurs kryptonite. They destoryed the Spurs in the regular season after that season, and when Ibaka returned from his injury to play in Game 3 of the 2014 conference finals, the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the San Antonio Spurs with their speed and outstanding verticals. The Spurs have now become a team focused on Leonard and Aldridge, which holds possibly the greatest defense in league history.


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