Kobe’s final goodbye

Not long ago the 37 year old legend, who has been called possibly the greatest player to ever step on the court, has officially played his last game in the NBA. Kobe Bryant, the hero of basketball for this generation has finally played his last game. In one of the most emotional games I have ever watched Kobe Bryant scored 60 points to take the win over the Utah Jazz in his career ending game. Kobe has played for the Lakers for all 20 years of his career and has 18 all star games played. Kobe has also scored the second highest amount of points ever to be scored in the NBA with 81 points. The only other person to score higher was Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game for when he played with the 76ers.

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is injured right now with a sprained MCL which he suffered during Game 4 against the Rockets. Curry was given 2 weeks till he was able to return to the court. The Warriors finished the series in Game 5 against the Rockets and are now preparing to go against the Portland Trail Blazers. Curry felt fortunate not to injure his knee any more than he already has in his slip. The MVP said he is still in pain but is trying to return as soon as he can to the court.

Not long after the Cleveland Cavaliers set an NBA record for most 3-pointers during Game 2, the Cavs began preparing for the next game. The Hawks have been no much as soon as the Cavs decided to play at the highest level they could. Atlanta missed 11 of 14 shots and turned the ball over four times in the final nine minutes after leading by eight.


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