The Madness of April

From the previous month of March, many colleges sent their basketball teams to a competition to prove which school is the best basketball school. Many fans, students, and families watched as their teams played their hearts out. From the 68 teams that we start with, March Madness has eliminated all besides 4 school, the Final Four as they are most commonly referred as. The Final Four consists of Villanova, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Syracuse. Today is the day that we find out which two teams will continue onto the Championship game. The match-ups for the day are Villanova vs. Oklahoma and North Carolina vs. Syracuse.

In the NBA world, the Boston Celtics finally snapped the Golden State Warriors’ record of 54 won games at home. The most impressive part of the game was the Celtics matching the Warriors in points for the entire second half. As far as how the Warriors performed it would have looked like they have won, but the Celtics found a way to match them. The Warriors have always had the tendency of causing turnovers from their desire to assist each other. The Warriors never took the lead once in the 4th quarter.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers, fans are worried about Lebron and the team chemistry. Recently Lebron has been making trips to Miami and has been posting questionable tweets with no answers behind them. With the recent game against the Atlanta Hawks, the Cavs had to take the No. 4 team in their division to overtime to beat them. Although it was still a win, Lebron was seen yelling at point guard, Kyrie Irving, who seemed to not care about the situation.

The Mavericks with a depleted roster right now due to injuries, is fighting its way to return to their position in the finals. Luckily, in their game against the Detroit Pistons, JJ Barea’s wife delivered her baby and he was able to attend the game. During a game, he dropped 26 points in which he upped Friday to a 29 point game performance from him.


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