All-Star Extravaganza

Ahoy my friends, this past weekend was the time for the notorious NBA All Star weekend. With events like the dunk contest, celebrity game, all star game, and the skills challenge. This year was a special year for the all star weekend because it marked the 18th time that Kobe Bryant will be participating in the all star game. This was the veterans last chance to play at the all star game since he will be retiring after this season. The first event to take place was the skill challenge. The skill challenge consists of an obstacle to test dribbling, passing, and shooting skills. The winner for this even was Karl-Anthony Towns from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The next event was the fan favorite, dunk contest. The winner of the dunk contest was Zach LaVine from the Minnesota Timberwolves. This win was his 2nd win he has achieved, the 1st one being from winning last years dunk contest. The final dunk to win the contest was LaVine doing a free throw line dunk.

Zach LaVine’s Free Throw Dunk

After that event, it came time for the Celebrity game between USA and Canada. The game was the most entertaining as a show. The winners from the game was the Canada team led by Drake. Then the event that everyone was anticipating came, the All Star game between the West and the East. Players that stood out to me were the main superstars. For example players like Paul George, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry,  Anthony Davis, James Harden stood out over the rest. The game ended with the West winning 196-173 making Russell Westbrook the MVP for the All Star Game.

Russel Westbrook, MVP All Stars 2016



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